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Environmental sanitaion

Yacht Care Pro is a company qualified for the disinfection service on board Yachts and Maxi-Yachts.

Our experience in working on board allows us to sanitize the interiors of the boats with the minimum impact on the activities on board and without the minimum danger of damaging the precious interior furnishings.

We use a high-level disinfectant that acts against bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds in reduced action times.

Thanks to its cleaning and disinfecting power, it is indicated by the italian Ministry of Health for environmental disinfection for professional and sanitary use.

It is a biodegradable detergent (for more than 90% in the conditions foreseen by the OECD test (73/405): it has a very low environmental impact, to the point of not damaging groundwater and soil composition.

Adequate certification of the service provided will then be issued.

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