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Air services

Laundry dryer air exhaust extraction duct cleaning

Laundry Dryer Extraction Ducts, like all ventilation systems, need periodic inspection and cleaning to remove all residues ( hair, textile fibers, powders, etc. ) that are deposited inside
and which can decrease their efficiency and constitute a fire hazard due to their high

It is therefore necessary to organize a periodic inspection in order to check the state of
extraction  system and then to plan the most suitable intervention.

galley hood cleaning

It is very important to periodically clean Galley Hoods, since the accumulation of grease residues
inside them, as well as compromising normal operation, can be a source of bad odors.

Galley Hood Cleaning also increases safety on board as the grease resulting from the food
preparation activity is highly flammable.

We are able to inspect your system and modulate the intervention most suited to your needs.

A/C Dduct cleaning

Keeping the Air Conditioning System ( Ducts, UTA, Fan Coils ) under control is to avoid dust buildup and the proliferation of bacteria inside the air conditioning ducts, ensuring the best air quality that everyone breathes.

By employing selected equipment and professional products among industry leaders, we are able
to intervene with minimal disruption to onboard activity, inspect your  A/C System, prepare a
quotation and a plan for intervention, then proceed with the intervention True.

Each cleaning service is studied and modulated taking into account the needs of each individual